Windows 10 Home or Pro: which one is better for gaming?

windows 10 home or pro gaming

It’s a fairly common question: Windows 10 Home or Pro? What’s the best option for gaming?

If you’ve had to reinstall your operating system recently and probably asked yourself the same question. Is it worth investing a little more money in it and buying Windows 10 Pro? What are the advantages of this version compared to Windows 10 Home?

In this article, we will try to give you more information and a clear answer. Let’s go!

Windows 10 Home

windows 10 home

The Windows 10 Home version is the perfect choice for everyday usage on a computer or tablet. This version offers all the features you need for private use: all security measures, biometric locking system, Cortana voice assistant, as well as the XBOX Game Bar. The latter is a specific streaming tool to be able to play Xbox games online. Finally, it’s nothing exceptional for a gamer, but it’s always good to know it.

A Windows 10 Home license should cost around $170.

Windows 10 Pro


On the other hand, the Windows 10 Pro version includes additional features for business use and better performance in a professional environment.

In the world of gaming, we tend to associate the word “Pro” with superior or better performance. However, with Windows 10 Pro this is not the case since the additional features mainly concern network security and productivity.

Windows 10 Pro licenses are more expensive; the price must be around $200.

Windows 10 Home vs Windows 10 Pro for Gaming

The main differences

Several features are only included in Windows 10 Pro, but honestly, it is unnecessary to know everything in detail. So I’m giving you a quick summary of those that might really interest you as a gamer:

  • Virtual PC: Windows 10 Pro allows you to create a “virtual” machine on your computer. This tool is particularly interesting for developers to test their software without endangering their own PC’s operating system. For the gamers, a virtual machine could run video games that are no longer compatible with the most recent versions of Windows. Either way, you will need a certain level of programming skills to get the most out of it.
  • Increased maximum RAM: I have already heard that Windows 10 Pro is better suited for gaming, since it can work with more RAM. Indeed, without forgetting that Windows 10 Home can work with up to 128 GB. That is mostly sufficient for gaming! On the other hand, the Pro version up to 2 TB! So, RAM should not be the reason to choose Windows 10 Pro.
windows 10 home or pro ram memory

Other less important features

Just for your information, it’s good to know that Windows 10 Pro offers other features as well, but which do not influence your gaming performance. A short summary :

  • Remote Desktop: you will be able to control your PC remotely from another device.
  • Business Features: a set of functions and parameters to be adjusted, very useful for a business PC. They allow the administrator to block specific software and configure the network connection.
  • Bitlocker and Trusted Boot: additional protection features for the PC, probably needed in a working environment. If you could totally avoid “dangerous” sites and have an antivirus, you probably don’t need to consider this point.

Conclusion: Windows 10 Home or Pro for Gaming

In terms of performance, there is absolutely no difference that justifies getting a Pro license. Windows 10 Home is, therefore, the recommended choice for normal use and gaming.

Thanks to the enhanced security systems and network computers’ management, the major differences between the two versions are organization-oriented. Unless you have an idea of ​​starting a business, Windows 10 Home will probably be the version that suits you the most.

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