Songmics Gaming Chairs: Models and Review (2022 Edition)

Songmics gaming chairs

The German manufacturer of gaming chairs Songmics offers us a large choice of cheap models, but also some very interesting middle range chairs.

Indeed, when the brand was born in 2012, its main aim was to offer quality home equipment at ultra-competitive prices. It is with this philosophy that the Songmics chairs are often part of the best sellers on Amazon.

And that is probably why you have heard of them.

Today, we will have a look at 7 models from this brand and try to understand if those products will meet our expectations.

7. Songmics Gaming Chair Cheap Model 

Songmics Gaming Chair Cheap Model

Let’s start the analysis with an entry-level model for low budget. The Songmics RCG011B01 gaming chair was conceived to maintain the quality of the materials as well as minimising the price.

The result? A robust chair that allows you to find a good posture thanks to the cushions provided. The touch of the faux leather is nice, and the density of the foam is firm, but comfortable.

However, Songmics saved money by scarifying the settings on the chair. The tilting backrest allows you to incline backwards 20°, but you cannot lock it in place. If you are planning on using it only for gaming or for working from home, it should not be a big issue. But I must admit that it is a disadvantage in terms of ergonomics.

On another hand, the armrests cannot be adjusted. It’s a shame that we can’t even set their height, but on another hand the foam padding compensates the lack of settings.

  • Competitive price.
  • Good value for money.
  • You cannot lock the tilt.
  • Armrests not movable.

6. Songmics RCG014B01 Gaming Chair 

Songmics RCG014B01 Gaming Chair

The Songmics RCG014B01 model is another level-entry product ideal for people that usually work in front of a computer, but that don’t want to spend a fortune on a gaming chair. Just like the previous model, Songmics has limited the adjustment possibilities in order to offer a good quality product at a competitive price.

The armrest’s padding will allow you to rest your arms, which will ease the tension in your shoulders. Also, they are collapsible: if you are not using them, you can fold them easily. Small detail apparently without importance, but that can be very handy. If you are playing the guitar like me, you know that armrests can be troublesome.

Finally, the backrest design is purely ergonomic and made to offer an optimal lumbar support and the chair is therefore delivered without a lumbar cushion. However, an additional cushion could have been a bonus for the users.

  • Collapsible armrests.
  • Pretty wide seat.
  • You cannot lock the tilt.
  • No lumbar cushion included.

5. “Racing” RCG12W Gaming Chair

“Racing” RCG12W Gaming Chair

The Songmics RCG12W gaming chair offers us a classic type of DX Racer “racing” design, still staying under 150€. Obviously, we are not talking about a high-end chair, but we can be happy with it at that price. That said, I would have liked a bit more variety in terms of colours.

This gaming chair is pretty big, which will please the bigger size gamers and has some functionalities that the cheaper models lack off. The backrest tilt goes up to 150°, ideal for a small break or even a quick nap between two games. Otherwise, the armrests are 2D, which means adjustable in height and that can rotate allows you to find the perfect posture easily.

Let’s talk about one of its possible disadvantages: the durability. Some components look a bit “cheap”, and even the armrest starts to give up slightly after a few months of usage. I will therefore recommend this Songmics gaming chair to someone that will use it occasionally. If you are in front of your screen on a full-time basis, my advice will be to invest a bit more money into a better gaming chair.

  • The tilting backrest and the adjustable armrests.
  • The “racing car” design.
  • Easy to assemble (but a bit laborious).
  • Durability.

4. Classic Office Chair OBG71B

Classic Office Chair OBG71B

It is not a gaming chair as we know them, but a classic office chair. Even if the prices of the Songmics models are quite low, we often find middle range chairs with “high end” prices only because gaming chairs are meant to be expensive.

But if you don’t need a “racing” design with flashy colours, maybe this chair will catch your interest. In essence, it has everything that someone that spends long hours in front of a PC will need: a foldable footrest, headrest and lumbar cushions, as well as padded armrests.

The seat is a quite wide, so you don’t have that feeling of being stuck in your chair. However, the height of the backrest is clearly an issue. I will advise against it if you are over 1m75, because your head will likely go over the top of the backrest and you will not be able to use the headrest cushion.

  • Seating is pretty wide.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Robust seat.
  • Backrest too short for tall people.
  • A bit squeaky.

3. Songmics Gaming Chair in Camouflage Fabric

Songmics Gaming Chair in Camouflage Fabric

The gaming chair model RCG52GYV1 is recognisable by its breathable fabric, especially made for those who sweat easily. However, it is harder to clean, mostly if you have pets (it attracts hair like crazy).

You can have a look at our complete guide on how to choose your gaming chair upholstery. Otherwise, if the camouflage model is not your style, you can choose other colours of the same model.

In short, another chair with a good value for money. Apart from the fabric lining, you can find other differences compared to the previous models, especially the integrated footrest. It is relatively solid and pleasant to enjoy a moment of relaxation. Anyway, it could be a bit short for you if you have long legs.

Otherwise, the backrest tilting is of “only” 135°. It is without a doubt plenty enough for most gamers, but a full tilt would have been perfect to enjoy to a maximum the footrests.

  • Integrated footrests.
  • 2D armrests.
  • Lining in breathable fabric.
  • Backrest tilt limited to 135°.

2. Songmics Gaming Chair OBG73BRV1

Songmics Gaming Chair OBG73BRV1

The OBG73BRV1 gaming chair, even if it is an entry-level product, impresses everybody with its value for money. We can see easily the neat finish, with faux leather lining combined with perfect touches of fabric.

But what I really like with this chair (and so does my girlfriend as it was her birthday present), are the armrests. They are not height adjustable, and I must admit, it could be a disadvantage in terms of ergonomics. However, they have a 3cm foam padding that makes them super comfortable. Also, they are linked to the backrest. This means, that when you are tilting backwards, the armrests are following the movement and allowing an optimal rest for your arms.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides that I need to mention. The fixation system ends up squeaking every time you tilt the backrest. Anyway, you don’t change position every five minutes, right? Finally, the size of this gaming chair is probably a bit too short. If you are over 1m80, or even 1m75, your head will go past the backrest.

  • Padded armrests.
  • Integrated footrest.
  • Nice finish touches.
  • The size will not be good for the taller gamers.
  • The armrests are not height adjustable.

1. Songmics RCG02G Gaming Chair

Songmics RCG02G Gaming Chair

Up until now, we have been speaking about level-entry chairs, with prices under 150 €. With the Songmics RCG02G gaming chair, we are entering the middle range.

One of the main advantages will be without a doubt the high-quality breathable fabric. Yes, it is harder to clean than the faux leather, but at least, you will not end up soaking wet after a few intense games.

Otherwise, the foam density of the seating is around 50 kg/m³, so quite firm. This will allow it to keep its shape even with an intense usage, but you will have to get used to it.

Apart from that, a few words about the dimensions of this gaming chair. It is made for pretty tall gamers but be careful if you have quite wide shoulders. The lateral side pads might make you feel a bit stuck (so, nothing new from a “racing” type chair).

  • High quality fabric lining.
  • Good standard of comfort.
  • The armrests locking system.
  • The backrest is a bit too firm.

Songmics Gaming Chairs Comparison

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Ultimately, the Songmics gaming chair models are a stunning example of inexpensive gaming chairs, without the price meaning that it is bad quality.

Evidently, in terms of quality, those models are far from the “premium” chairs such as AK Racing, Razer or even Corsair. But compared to other level-entry models, the Songmics products are capable to satisfy most users.

Just to conclude, the usual advice: consider how many hours you are spending in front of the screen, then set a realistic budget. A 300€ gaming chair is not always more expensive than a 150€, if the first one lasts twice as long.

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