Razer Iskur Gaming Chair: Everything you need to know

razer iskur gaming chair

Ladies and gentlemen, the Razer Iskur gaming chair is finally available. The prestigious Singaporean brand has presented its much-expected gaming chair model aiming to satisfy the world’s most demanding gamers.

Now, you’ve probably asked yourself the same question that many of us already have: is it the right one for me? Is the high price worth the investment?

In this post, we’ll review this gaming chair in full detail to find out if the reality will meet our expectations.


There is no doubt that many gamers are already dreaming of the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair as one of the best models in the market. So here’s a quick summary of its main pros and cons before we go into the details:

  • Excellent comfort.
  • Revolutionary lumbar support system.
  • 4D armrests.
  • Neat finishing.
  • Solid and sturdy seat.
  • High price.
  • Relatively firm headrest cushion.
  • Available only in the brand’s iconic colour, green.

Main Features of the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

This gaming chair’s design has the main goal to stay apart from other manufacturers. Indeed, this model has pretty much unique characteristics and some interesting innovations:

  • It features an easy-to-adjust lumbar curve system, which clearly differs from the typical attached cushion. This system offers improved lumbar support for extended comfort.
  • Top-quality faux-leather upholstery. Pleasant in contact with the skin and resistant.
  • 4D armrests, that is to say, adjustable in four degrees of freedom to ensure the perfect support for your arms and shoulders.
  • Excellent finishing, despite some plastic elements.
  • Relatively easy to assemble. The provided assembly guide is clear and intuitive. Also, a video tutorial is available on YouTube for the less skilled users.
  • High-density foam to ensure a firm seat and resistance against deformation.

In-depth analysis of the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

First of all, the Razer Gaming Chair is the kind of product that most gamers love: eye-catching and elegant design. On the other side, the color’s presence is probably insufficient for fans of gaming chairs type like “DX Racer“, whose sporty design is way more colorful.

Apart from that, this gaming chair is in the high-end product category. The finishing is exceptionally careful and meticulous, down to the smallest details. And the most demanding gamers will appreciate that.

Unfortunately, at the moment we write these lines there’s only one model available, green and black as the iconic colors of the brand. That’s ok, but I’m pretty sure some gamers would have preferred other choices to make sure the gaming chair fits with their gaming setup.

Ergonomics: a priority for gamers

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

In terms of comfort, the Razer gaming chair does an excellent job. Its ergonomic silhouette and all the different adjustment possibilities (that we will discuss later) will allow you to sit there for endless gaming sessions with minimum stress for your body.

The seat is firm but pleasant – the exact foam density is unknown to me at this date, but it should be similar to AK Racing models.

razer iskur gaming chair memory foam pillow

Important to mention as well taht the seat is provided with a headrest cushion filled with memory foam. This means that the padding adapts its shape around our neck, providing thius a rapid and effective muscle relaxation.

Anyway, this cushion is relatively bulky and might feel a bit too firm at first. So you have to be patient until you get used to it.

Adjustments in the Razer Gaming Chair

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When spending a significant amount of money on a gaming chair, users will inevitably have high expectations when talking about adjustments.

In this case, the Razer gaming chair is designed to meet those expectations. The 4D armrests are adjustable in four degrees of freedom, so you can easily set them in the right place for your arms. This characteristic is often underestimated, but the truth is that perfect elbow support implies better posture for your shoulders and back.

On the flip side, the armrests’ plastic finishing could be a weak point. But I must say that the small metallic locking knobs seem robust and good quality.

razer iskur gaming chair lumbar pillow

But the strong point of this gaming chair is undoubtedly its lumbar curve system. Razer engineers got rid of the typical adjustable lumbar pillow, and have designed a fully integrated lumbar system instead. Thanks to the lever, it can be adjusted to a specific height and adapted to our back’s shape

It is a great, innovative system, and indeed, it works surprisingly well.

Nevertheless, there is a small drawback. Especially when it’s fully extended, this lumbar cushion tends to “push” our buttocks out of the seat. This could become certainly annoying for those who have severe lumbar curvature and have to extend the system to its maximum.

Materials and Quality

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The materials chosen by Razer for its gaming chair are, of course, superior quality (as expected for this price). One of its unique selling points is the three-layer synthetic leather cover. This technology ensures a nice and pleasant feeling, as well as long durability even when used multiple hours a day.

The manufacturer also offers a three-year warranty for all replaceable parts (normal wear is not covered). This is undoubtedly nice to have, and certainly reassuring for customer’s protection. But having said that, other premium brands offer a warranty of 5 years or even up to 10 years (we’ll come back to this point further down).

quality of the razer gaming chair

Size and Dimensions

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This gaming chair is designed primarily for medium to large-sized people. To be more specific, it is ideal for those who are between 170 cm and 190 cm. It’s not a big deal if you’re not exactly in that range, but the comfort settings won’t be optimal for you.

It’s worth mentioning that the seat is not the widest on the market. Actually, the design of the seat itself and the relatively tight position of the armrests can give the impression of being a bit stuck when sitting on it. In other words, it’s probably not the best choice for those who are looking for a wider seat.

Finally, the maximum load supported by this gaming chair is 280 lbs.

The Razer Iskur Gaming Chair against its competitors

Now let’s have a look at two potential alternatives to the Razer Gaming Chair. We’ll see with a better perspective if the product from Razer meets our needs or not.

ModelRazer IskurSecretlab TITANAKRacing
Masters Premium
290 lb290 lb330 lb
max angle
139 °165 °180 °
UpholsteryPU LeatherReal Leather
PU Leather
PU Leather
Warranty3 years5 years5 / 10 years
Price Price Price

Secretlab TITAN

fauteuil secretlab titan

The Secretlab TITAN, from another Singaporean brand, has clearly positioned itself as a high-end chair at a “reasonable” price (and, of course, lower than the Razer Iskur chair).

Ergonomics and settings are the cornerstones of this product. The lumbar curve adjustment is similar to that of the Razer chair, but the TITAN uses a rotary switch located on the side. This allows super-precise control of the setting.

Another strong point of the TITAN is the availability of three different finishings: synthetic leather, real leather, or breathable fabric. For those who live in a warm place, the latter is the most suitable option to consider.

Ultimately, the TITAN gaming chair offers everything you need at a lower price than the Razer model. Secretlab, therefore, remains the favorite brand for many other gamers.

AK Racing Masters Premium

siege akracing masters premium

The AK Racing Masters Premium model is presented as one of the top models and designs inspired by racing cars. It is available in several color combinations to satisfy gamers who like vivid seats, as well as those who seek an elegant design.

The settings are rather traditional, with removable pillows for the neck and lower back. It still offers an excellent level of comfort but without any sign of disruptive innovation as the other two models.

Its selling point relies on the quality of the materials, which ensures a long lifetime. Indeed, the brand offers for this model a 5-year warranty for all spare parts and 10 years for the structure.

To conclude, if durability is your priority, this model will probably be the best for you.

Conclusion: is it for you?

The Razer Gaming Chair will satisfy the needs of the most die-hard gamers. Reliable, sturdy, and with a fantastic design, it is, without doubt, one of my favorite models.

Suppose you’re a gamer, always keep yourself up to date on disruptive innovation in the gaming industry, and keen to try something new. In that case, you can consider this chair—more info on the official website.

But if your budget is limited, there may be other inexpensive gaming chair models more suitable for you (like any of the Corsair models). 

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