How to decorate your gaming room? Tips to enhance your setup

how to decorate gaming room

You will need to start with a good layout if you want to decorate your gaming room properly. So, the main things that you need are good furniture and awesome lighting. Because when your surroundings make you feel comfortable is when you start to enjoy your passion fully. Your setup can clearly make the difference when it comes to game immersion. So, here are some pieces of advice for you.

Your gaming setup, what is it?

Preparing a gaming setup means arranging a dedicated space for videogames. It doesn’t matter if you’re a console or a PC gamer. And the way you do it will greatly influence how much you enjoy your gaming sessions. Most die-hard gamers have this space in the corner of their bedroom or even a dedicated room. There are even professional decorators that will definitely help you put everything in place.

You can anyway make your own research on this topic and prepare your gaming setup yourself. If that’s what you want, here are the essential elements that you cannot miss.

The essential items you need to decorate your gaming room

The foundations

Of course, you will need a good PC; that’s the basis – as long as you’re not a console gamer! Then there’ll be other important accessories such as the screen. If the budget is not an issue, you can combine several screens to achieve an even more immersive experience. And don’t forget about the router and the cable connection. Finally, a competitive gamer will undoubtedly need an excellent internet speed to achieve his (or her) best performance.

But we all know that choosing the highest internet speed is not in our hands (yes, I used to live in a small village in the middle of nowhere). So, let’s focus on what we can do. A true gamer shall not forget the mechanical keyboard or the mouse, whose precision and speed may determine the result of the game. And talking again about an immersive experience, do not forget a good headset. It will provide you with high-quality sound, and it will provide your neighbors with the peace of mind they want.

decorate setup gaming

The desk

On top of the high-tech that you can get for your gaming room, the adequate gaming desk will become a key element for your comfort. You’ll need a spacious desk to place all those accessories that we were talking about. Finally, the desk needs to be robust. Otherwise, they won’t resist for a long time under the hands of a competitive gamer.

Of course, the gaming desk is something you can build yourself if you have the skills. This way, you will make sure it fits perfectly to your needs and size – you want the desk to be at the perfect height. By doing it yourself, you will save some time but it will take you some time. But if you hesitate, I would definitely recommend you going to a second-hand marketplace. This is cheap and eco-friendly, and you can find great deals. I bought mine like this for 20 bucks!

The Gaming Chair

Did you think we wouldn’t talk about gaming chairs? Come on, it’s one of the main things we spot in any gaming setup, and that’s why the design is so important. The choices here are more than large. There’s always a gaming chair for you from classy office chairs to the most extravagant racing designs.

But apart from the visual impact, a good gaming chair is more than essential to maintain the right posture for long hours. Over the long term, your back will thank you for this. You need to take care of the size, the upholstery, the settings, etc. You will find our finest selection of gaming chairs in this post.

Decorating the gaming room

When gaming is your true passion, the walls of your room won’t be big enough to decorate with all the posters and gadgets you’d like. Shelves full of action figures, motivational posters, or anything you can think of.

You might find thousands of ideas on the main online portals, and you will find gaming decorations for every type of player. But don’t think only about yourself… If you are a streamer and have a loyal audience on Twitch, you want them of course to impress them with your setup.

lighting for a gaming room

The Lighting

You might know it already, but lighting is crucial to create the perfect gaming atmosphere. Because a dark room is not always the best, you can find automatic solutions out there to synchronize the video games with the lights of your gaming room. Awesome, right?

There are multitude of options to provide colorful setups, either by placing LED lights on the walls or behind the screens. And the best thing about that is when you can completely change the atmosphere from your keyboard.


We really hope you will succeed in creating an awesome space for your videogame experience. Don’t forget to let us know when you are ready with your gaming room!

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