What foam thickness and densitiy we need for a Gaming Chair?

foam density for a gaming chair seat

Because many gamers are trying to find the best gaming chair in order to optimize comfort, we often talk about the thickness of the foam of the seat. Of course, the quality of the materials used will radically influence the comfort. It is therefore essential to know our needs in order to judge if the gaming chair we want to acquire really fits us.

In this article, we will go a little deeper into the needed foam characteristics of your gaming chair’s seat.

The Cold Cure Foam, what is it?

Cold foam is a type of polyurethane foam, whose manufacturing process happens at low temperatures. This is a significant difference from “hot” foam. Indeed, this confers to the foam an open cell structure that offers several advantages. Namely, cold foam is a very good conductor of humidity, does not give a feeling of heat, and above all, allows to keep the shape during its entire life.

In the end, cold foam offers great longevity and better comfort compared to traditional low-cost foams, which are often used in cheap gaming chairs.

The different foam types

It is possible to find several types of foam, with some pros and cons depending on its purpose. Simply put, so that you have a rough idea:

  • Polyether foam: is a type of dense foam, whose main advantage is its relatively low price. On the other hand, its low resilience makes it deform quickly. It is therefore recommended to use polyether foam for certain cushions, that do not need to support a high load.
  • High resiliency foam: that’s what you’ll look for in office chairs. Rather firm, the main advantage of this type of foam is the capacity to maintain its shape. This is ideal when you spend long hours in front of your PC. In addition, thanks to its cellular structure, this foam has hypoallergenic and anti-mite properties.
  • Bultex foam: it is a type of high resilience foam from the brand Bultex. It is a type of molding foam with a very long life, which makes it ideal for sofas or certain types of chairs.
  • Memory foam: combines good resilience with the ability to easily adapt to the shape of the body. This type of material is often used in mattresses.
memory foam padding

The main characteristics that you need to look for

When choosing a gaming chair, one of our main criteria may indeed be the seat: the gamer chair must be breathable and not sag under our weight.

So here are the most important criteria to consider for a gaming chair:

Foam thickness

The thickness of foam for the seat of your gaming chair is what will ensure comfort for the life of the product. High-end chairs usually contain a thicker foam. With high resiliency foam, the minimum recommended thickness should be 5 to 10 cm. In any case, this parameter is strongly related to the density of the foam: a rather soft foam will need a slightly greater thickness to maintain comfort.

For example, the Kirogi gamer chair has a 13-centimeter thick padding to guarantee a comfortable seat for users with any type of morphology.

kirogi gaming chair foam padding

Foam density

The density of the foam indicates its weight in relation to the volume, it is usually expressed in kg/m³. It is the density of the foam that will largely determine the firmness of the seat. But, as mentioned earlier, the two concepts – thickness and density – are linked.

Simply put, for a given thickness, the higher the density of the foam, the firmer the seat. Conversely, for a given foam density, a greater thickness translates into a firmer seat.

There are no hard and fast rules for determining the optimal density for your chair’s seat. Usually the foam density values are around 50 kg/m³ as a minimum for mid and high end chairs.

For example, the AK Racing gamer chairs. These use 55 kg/m³ foam with a seat thickness of about 10 cm.

Resilience of foam

Resiliency is the characteristic of foam that allows it to retain its original shape. In other words, high resiliency foams do not deform with weight, and once the load is lifted, they recover their shape.

There is no one parameter to measure resilience, but it is directly dependent on the quality of the materials and the manufacturing process. As mentioned earlier, cold-cured foam is able to hold its shape without sagging for years.

Apart from that, a good way to be sure of the resilience of the foam is to read the comments of other customers. Read carefully what users who have already tried the gamer chair you like say.

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