Corsair Gaming Chairs: Full Review (3 models)

corsair gaming chair

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional gamer or just an amateur; you know the Corsair brand. They produce all types of first-class gaming equipment, including, of course, gaming chairs.

And that’s precisely the goal of this post: we will review in detail all their models to answer the ultimate question: are the Corsair Gaming Chairs really worth the price? Are they really among the best chairs around?

Comparing the different Corsair Gaming Chairs

Corsair makes our life easy by simply offering us only three models of gaming chairs. Indeed, having too many choices, as is the case with AK Racing models, can be counterproductive. Have you ever heard about analysis paralysis?

The table below contains the main characteristics of the Corsair models. We’ll talk about them in detail in a minute.

The main characteristics of the Corsair Gaming Chairs

Before analyzing Corsair’s models, here are some elements that are common across all the products.


The users that are looking for Corsair gaming chairs often spend long hours in front of the screen. Ergonomic design is, therefore, one of the priorities. In short, the backrest shape is designed to guarantee an ideal posture, which will help us preventing back pain in the long term.


All the essential adjustment functions are present in the Corsair gaming chairs: adjustable height, backrest recline up to 160°, and a rocking mechanism that allows us to gain an additional 10° tilt. I know that an integrated footrest is often a must for some gamers, and none of the Corsair models have one. But, to be honest, this type of mechanism usually looks fragile, and if you have long legs, it won’t probably be very convenient.

4D-adjustable armrests

On the other hand, some gamers tend to forget about armrests. They are, however, a crucial part of any decent gaming chair. A Properly adjusted armrest allows our arms to rest correctly, which often results in better elbow and shoulder comfort and reduced back pain.

armrests of the corsair gaming chairs

Well, Corsair’s so-called 4D armrests are adjustable in four degrees of freedom: height, horizontal movement, rotation, and tilt. Having said that, I must confess that the locking system could be better, as the armrests tend to be a bit wobbly.

Robustness and durability

The steel frame of the Corsair gaming chairs provides a solid base and guarantees a long service life. Even though this material is considerably heavier than aluminium, you won’t be moving your chair from one place to another, right?

But the frame itself isn’t the only component to look at in terms of durability. The upholstery, the materials of the base, the rollers… they all matter. And in this case, Corsair offers us chairs at a reasonably good price-performance ratio. In conclusion, the longevity of the chair shouldn’t be a concern for us.

Analysis and opinion of the Corsair Gaming Chairs

Corsair T1 Race

corsair gaming chair t1 race

The Corsair T1 Race gaming chair is the brand’s “entry-level” model. But in any case, don’t worry since there is nothing “cheap” about this chair.

Its sober design and meticulous finish are some of the strong points. The model shown above is in classy black, but it’s also available in other colors if you’re looking for a more attractive design. I also like the little details of carbon fiber finish on the backrest and armrests, which give the chair a rather sporty touch

t1 race details


In terms of ergonomics, we have discussed the main points above. The T1 Race main goal is to provide optimal body support (we’ve already talked about 4D armrests), and the headrest and lumbar pillows will help you quickly find the ideal posture. Those pillows are made of upholstery fabric, which contrasts with the chair’s PU-leather finish. Not a big deal for the majority, but it could be a small flaw for the pickiest gamers.

Let’s talk about the seat. The product’s specification sheet indicates a foam density of… 14 kg / m³. It is incredibly unusual to find such a low-density foam on a gaming chair. In general, it’s rather 50 kg / m³ for good-quality gaming chairs. Could it be an error? I’d say most probably yes. When you sit on the T1 Race, you can feel the soft and pleasant padding, but it doesn’t give the impression to have such a low density.

If you generally like firm seats, maybe the other two models will be better for you. Besides, if your weight is near the limit for this chair, the foam density of the T1 Race may be too low, and in the long run, the seat will eventually deform.

t1 race recline angle


Concerning size, the T1 Race is a versatile wheelchair. But I would suggest you look for other gaming chairs for taller users if your size is above average. In case you absolutely want a Corsair gaming chair, then the T2 Road Warrior model will be a better choice.


To conclude, the Corsair T1 Race is a good mid-range gaming chair, ideal for those looking for a good quality product below $300.

  • Good value for money.
  • Neat and elegant design.
  • Less appropriate for large users.
  • Relatively low foam density.

Corsair T2 Road Warrior

corsair gaming chair t2 road warrior

One may notice a slightly higher quality in the materials of the Corsair T2 Road Warrior. But the essential difference between this one and the T1 Race is the size. 

The gas spring, together with the aluminium-made base, can withstand a maximum load of 300 lbs. Yes, we might expect a higher limit load when we talk about gaming chairs adapted for rather big users (at least 330 lbs, like many other models in the market). But still, the T2 Road Warrior should fit the majority of gamers.


As mentioned earlier, this gaming chair is relatively large. The seat’s height is adjustable, between 20 and 24 inches, allowing an ideal alignment of the knees in case you have long legs. But be careful, remember to double-check your desk’s height, because the armrests might not fit below!

The seat itself is also larger than the T1 Race model. And this is precisely the reason why I wouldn’t recommend this model if you are a skinny guy or girl: you might not be able to reach the armrests on the side.

Design and materials

Finally, it’s worth having a few words about the Corsair T2 Road Warrior’s impeccable finish. The manufacturer has taken care of the tiniest details to ensure a perfect PU-leather finish. And, of course, the carbon fiber touch is still present.

t2 road warrior pu-leather

On the other hand, the pillows are finished in fabric. Again, they contrast a bit compared to the chair’s PU-leather, but they provide a nice and pleasant feeling. I would say that the lumbar pillow is a bit too bulky, and it takes some time to get used to it. Anyway, I guess we just need to be patient until it takes the shape of our body.


The T2 Road Warrior is an excellent option for those demanding gamers looking for a relatively large gaming chair.

  • Convenient for large-sized gamers
  • Aluminium base
  • Lumbar pillow certainly bulky
  • The minimum seat height is 20 inches (it might not fit below the desk)

Corsair T3 Rush

corsair gaming chair t3 rush

And finally, the Corsair T3 Rush, possibly the cherry on top of the cake. First of all, this gaming chair is very similar in size to the T1 Rush. So, all the comments and recommendations from before remain valid for the T3 Rush.

This model is available in two main colors: black and gray, although the user can choose between several tones and shades. In any case, I have to confess that the gray version is my favorite, as it stands apart from the classical black.

Quality and materials

Concerning this topic, all you need to know is that the T3 Rush is made of high-quality, breathable fabric. That’s a clear pro if you sweat easily or live in a warm place. On the flip side, it’s more troublesome to clean. So, keep your cup of Cola away from your T3 Rush!

corsair t3 rush rear view


The lumbar and neck pillows are without a doubt one of the strengths of this gaming chair. Padded with memory foam, they will adapt quickly to your body shape so that you feel in heaven from the first moment.

Like all the other models from Corsair, the 4D-adjustable armrests are crucial to achieving maximum comfort. Thanks to the four degrees of freedom, there is no excuse not to place them in the perfect position for your elbows. Ah, and of course, the carbon fiber “touch” is still present in the armrests of the T3 Rush.


In only a few words, the Corsair T3 Rush is an excellent choice if you prefer breathable fabric over PU-leather.

  • Breathable, high-quality fabric.
  • Memory foam lumbar and neck pillows.
  • Still quite a lot of plastic elements for a premium gaming chair.

Final thoughts on the Corsair Gaming Chairs

Just to conclude, we have analyzed the three models that Corsair proposes for different segments of gamers. Anyhow, even if all three of them are similar in terms of quality, the price is often significantly higher for the T2 and T3 models. In any case, they stay apart from the cheap gaming chairs out there.

If your budget is not an issue, the Corsair gaming chairs are an excellent choice for those looking for good stuff. In any case, you should keep an eye on other alternatives that might suit you well, like the GT Omega PRO, or the DX Racer Formula.

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