AKRacing Gaming Chairs: Complete Series Review

akracing gaming chairs

When we speak about the AK Racing brand, we talk about quality, robustness, and durability. Their products are among the best gaming chairs on the market and it’s no secret that the most ambitious gamers know the importance of a good chair during long gaming sessions.

Buying a gaming chair like the AKRacing Core EX is without any doubt a significant investment, and that’s only their entry-level model. The world of gaming chairs is often complicated and potentially expensive. That’s why one must know what he wants to avoid throwing money away

In this post we will perform an in-depth review of all the AKRacing Gaming Chair models so that you can judge by yourself which one is perfect for you.

AKRacing Core Series

The Core series is the entry-level of the AK Racing brand, but you’ll probably agree with me, the word “entry-level” isn’t quite right for this product. Even the AKRacing “cheap” models have set a benchmark in terms of quality and durability. So it’s not a surprise that their price is above average compared to other brands.


AKRacing Core EX
63 to 75 in330 lbFabric3D Price

AKRacing Core EX-Wide
65 to 77 in330 lbFabric3D Price

AKRacing Core SX
63 to 75 in330 lbPU-Leather3D Price

AKRacing Core LX
65 to 80 in330 lbPU-Leather3D Price

The top-quality cold foam of the AK Racing products is one of their strengths. The seat is firm but comfortable, and it can last perfectly without any sign of deformation

On the other hand, the headrest and lumbar cushions are nothing extraordinary but rather classical. Still, they are an essential pillar in preventing back pain associated with long periods in the same posture. Having said that, the cushions’ foam is possibly a little too firm, so be patient until they finally adapt to your body shape.

The maximum backrest recline angle of the AKRacing is 180°, something perfect if you like to lie down entirely for a power nap between games. The 3D armrests are also quite practical, and they will help you maintain the optimal posture during prolonged use. Unfortunately, they don’t have a locking mechanism for the rotation. So, be careful not to put all your weight on them when you stand up from the chair! Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the assembly process is relatively easy. Even if the provided assembly guide images are a bit blurry, you can always download the official site guide beforehand.

  • High-quality materials.
  • Firm seat, but comfortable.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • The assembly guide isn’t super clear.
  • The seat is a bit narrow.

1. AK Racing Core EX

akracing core ex gaming chair

Today’s AKRacing Core EX model is one of the most demanded gaming chairs by the gaming community. Its high-quality breathable fabric surface is one of this segment’s unique features. Do you live in a relatively warm place? Do you tend to sweat easily? Then the EX model is probably your best choice. The fabric is delightful to touch, but be careful if you have animals at home since their hairs tend to stick on it quickly, and it is a real hassle to remove them.

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2. AK Racing Core EX-wide

akracing core ex wide

Some users may complain about the Core EX seat because it is way too narrow. That’s the reason why AKRacing brings us the new Core EX-wide version designed to offer a higher comfort level for those who have wider hips.

Either way, don’t expect a monumental difference. Yes, the EX-wide seat is larger than the normal Core-EX. Still, this new “wide” version is only 2 inches bigger. So, if you’re hesitating between these two, it’s probably the Core EX-wide that you should take. 

But that’s not everything. The EX-wide model is also slightly higher than the previous one – and this is something that the taller gamers should keep in mind.

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3. AK Racing Core SX

akracing core sx

The AK Racing Core SX chair is very similar to the first model we talked about. The only significant difference is the upholstery material. The Core SX comes in high-quality PU synthetic leather, which is often more durable and, most importantly, way easier to clean. And that’s it, nothing else to highlight about the Core SX.

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4. AK Racing Core LX

akracing core lx gaming chair

The model AK Racing Core LX is designed with only one target: XL users. With a deeper seat, this chair will bring you better support and comfort if you’re a tall guy, although it may not feel comfortable if you have relatively short legs. In other words, if people often ask you if you’re a basketball player, the AKRacing Core LX is your go-to choice. Something else that I really like: this gaming chair has 20% additional foam padding compared to the SX model. So, no need to worry anymore about the cushion going flat (or at least not for a very long time).

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AK Racing Masters Series

The Core Series are great gaming chairs, but if you’re the kind of person that demands the best of the best, the AKRacing Masters Series is for you. The brand’s premium series offers top quality and a set of products designed to last for long years.

Let’s talk about the details. The foam’s density is the same for all the AKRacing products, that is, 55 kg/m³, which is ideal for maintaining the shape while ensuring comfort. AKRacing has put a lot of effort into offering the best quality PU-leather, even better than the brand’s “entry-level” models. But, honestly speaking, you won’t be able to notice the difference unless you are incredibly picky.


AKRacing Masters Max
67 to 80 in400 lbPU-Leather4D Price

AKRacing Masters Premium
65 to 80 in330 lbPU-Leather4D Price

AKRacing Masters Pro
68 to 82 in330 lbPU-Leather
or real leather
4D Price

On the other hand, the main noticeable differences compared to AK Racing Core Series are the seat adjustments. The 4D armrests incorporate the latest technology in terms of ergonomics so that you can achieve an ideal posture for your elbows and shoulders.

Besides, the AK Racing Masters gaming chairs incorporate the “Rock it & Lock it” system. What is this? It’s essentially a mechanism that allows you to tilt the seat back and forth without changing the backrest’s inclination. 

But. Important points to consider: the AKRacing Masters chairs are quite large. They are designed for tall people, so the “smaller” gamers won’t be able to take full advantage of the ergonomic design. For example, your knees may remain too low compared to the hips, and you might need an additional footrest to compensate for that.The second point, the money. There is a significant price increase compared to AKRacing Core Series. But is the price worth it? Let’s find out.

  • Thicker foam padding for more comfort
  • 4D adjustable armrests
  • Awesome quality
  • Models too large for short gamers
  • A significant higher price

1. AK Racing Masters Max

akracing masters max

The AK Racing Masters Max model is a truly XXL gaming chair. It can withstand a maximum load of 400 lbs, which is considerably higher than other models. 

Earlier in this post we have talked about the AK Racing Core EX-wide, with a seat 2 inches larger than the basic model. But here, the Masters Max’s seat is about 8 in wider, making this chair one of the largest you can find out there. A minor drawback: the chair’s base is essentially similar to what we see in other models. Due to the much larger seat, the base looks pretty small compared to the chair itself. That’s okay, but if you’re close to the limits of maximum load and size, you might have to watch out for stability.

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2. AK Racing Masters Premium

akracing masters premium

The AK Racing Masters Premium chair will be a more logical choice if the size isn’t your primary concern. We could say that this model is the evolution of the Core SX, with clear improvements:

  • The materials and overall finish are of better quality (although almost unnoticeable for the average gamer).
  • Incorporates 4D armrests and the “Rock it & Lock it” system.
  • Filled with 30% more foam for superior comfort.

Worth mentioning here that there are several colors available with more ‘aggressive’ and modern designs. But personally, I find the design of the Core Series more attractive, don’t you agree?

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3. AK Racing Masters Pro

akracing masters pro

Finally, the AK Racing Masters Pro model is at the top of this list as AKRacing’s masterpiece. However, the differences with the AK Racing Masters Premium chair are not that big. The Pro chair is slightly wider to give you a little more space, and the seat contains… 70% more foam than the Core EX model

Yes, it’s monumental. But does it really bring additional benefits for you? It’s a fantastic gaming chair, but I’d prefer the Premium version unless you are ready to spend some more money to replace synthetic leather with real leather.

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AKRacing vs DXRacer

We are almost obliged to address the question that seems to torment some gamers. Which brand makes the best gaming chairs, the AKRacing or the DXRacer?

Here we are going to compare one of the most popular gaming chairs, the DXRacer Formula F08, with its AK Racing counterpart, the Core EX.


AKRacing Core EX
63 to 75 inUp to
330 lbFabric3D Price

DXRacer Formula F08
63 to 72 inUp to
330 lbPU-Leather3D Price

The two models are relatively similar. Perhaps the DX Racer’s backrest tilt angle could be a disadvantage for some gamers, as it’s only 135° compared to the full horizontal AKRacing’s backrest. In any case, the importance of this feature strongly depends on each person. For example, while watching videos on the screen, enjoying a moment of reading, or just wanting to relax, the 135° tilt is more than enough for most users. So, take this feature into account only if sleeping on your gaming chair is an essential requirement for you.

In terms of comfort, the two brands have combined all their efforts to design an ultra ergonomic gaming chair. AK Racing may have a slightly firmer seat. But still, this is a difference that even the pickiest gamer will find hard to notice. Finally, one of the critical differences that may drive your choice is the material: faux-leather (like the DX Racer) or fabric (like the EX Core). But even in case you prefer faux-leather, you may choose AK Racing Core SX.

Anyway, you can check out our full DX Racer Formula review just here.


The AK Racing brand takes care of its products and ensures the best quality and durability. However, you have to be prepared to pay this premium price (like any other high-end brands like Razer).

In any case, if you spend long hours in front of your PC, such an investment is definitely not a waste of money.

If you have a lower budget, you could consider getting a cheap gaming chair and sacrifice quality and durability for a better price.

AKRacing Gaming Chairs: Complete Series Review
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