About me

Hi there,

My name is Charlie, and I’m passionate about video games. If you are reading these lines, I bet that we do share this hobby, right? Isn’t that awesome?

My first console used to be a Sega Megadrive, many years ago. I was just a kid and I was not even able to go through the very few games I used to play. But I didn’t care, I had fun anyway.

Sega MegaDrive

Then came the first PlayStation. And as many of you, I had a vast collection of video games that I had copied from my friends (it used to be quite easy at that time). Afterwards I got my PS2, then an Xbox 360… and after getting the three red lights, I bought a PS3. Then I stopped.

I switched to the PC world and set aside the consoles. I wasn’t a kid anymore, I got my first job, and I was making my own money. Buying a decent PC was no longer an issue.

On the other hand, blogging is also one of my passions. I started my first blog on aviation many, many years ago. I have to say that I didn’t really succeed, but I learned a lot on the way.

Then I decided to change topic, and started Esprit Gamer.

But I didn’t want to create one of those news websites about the latest releases and the new generation consoles. I will never have the time to maintain and keep updated the blog as the giant websites do.

Therefore, I decided to create “timeless” content. In particular, I have put the focus on content that can help the readers boosting their gaming career. Guides, tutorials, equipment comparisons… that’s what you will find in Esprit Gamer.

Thanks for your visit, and I hope to see you soon.


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