Don’t miss out on the 5 Cheap Gaming Chairs of 2021 (under $170)!

Best cheap gaming chair

Are you a gamer, working from home or a student who is learning online at home? Someone who spends the most time sitting in front of a PC and now having the idea of buying a decent chair? At the same time, are you looking for one that you could afford? Are you confused and hesitating with so much information available on the internet while searching for the best cheap gaming chair that best suits your requirement?

A good gaming chair is essential to ensure comfort and lower the risk of hurting your body during long gaming sessions. However, high-end gaming chairs are often costly. There are not many choices in the Australian market as in the USA. In addition, the ‘budget’ limit further restrains the available offer for Aussie. 

Fortunately, I gathered 5 models of gaming chairs in the market, which are under $170. By compiling all the specifications and information and giving some recommendations on choosing one, it could ease your selection of the best budget gaming chair exclusively for yourself. 

The 5 inexpensive gaming chairs not to be missed in 2021

5. ALFORDSON Racing Office Chair

This ALFORDSON Racing Chair keeps the most fundamental requirements thanks to the heavy-duty all-metal construction, with no wooden board at the chair’s bottom. The chair uses memory foam and the cover is made from PU leather that has gone through specific quality inspection. Therefore, it is a comfortable and sturdy choice.

In terms of ergonomics, the backrest can be adjusted to 150° inclination and locked as you wish. Besides, it is also equipped with a retractable padded footrest that can allow you to be in a comfy position while sitting, having a power nap, or playing games. The S-Curve design, detachable lumbar and neck cushions optimize the level of comfort. 

The shipment and delivery are fast, and it comes with a simplified instruction manual.  A few buyers found slightly difficult to read and follow the instructions. This is good for gamers looking for the best fulfillment in almost every aspect of the requirements. Thanks to the higher backrest, it is also suitable for taller gamers. And the price is almost at the edge of $170.

  • Taller backrest
  • Tilt up to 150 °
  • Multiple color selections
  • 5-year warranty
  • Movable lumbar pillow
  • Higher sturdiness
  • The manual for assembly does not detail enough for certain people

4. Alfordson supreme Gaming Chair

This Alfordson supreme Gaming Chair has more or less the same features comparing to the previous model. Such as the cover’s material, the S-Curve design, can fit different body shapes, the retractable padded footrest, the backrest reclines angle up to 150° and the memory foams.

The main difference between these two models is the maximum sustainable weight. This heavy-duty chair can hold up to 180 kg, sustaining the highest weight in this post. The base is structured with chrome instead of nylon to support the high load and provide sturdiness. This model’s backrest is shorter but broader than the previous model and the neck cushion is omitted.

Are you looking for a chair that is not exclusively for tall people but can sustain heavyweight at the same time? In that case, this chair is slightly cheaper, and you can consider it. 

  • Wider backrest
  • Support weight up to 180 kg
  • Tilt up to 150 °
  • Multiple color selections
  • 5-year warranty
  • No neck cushion
  • Lumbar pillow position cannot be adjust
  • No neck pillow

3. Mason Taylor Gaming Chair

The Mason Taylor Gaming chair is equipped with some primary features as a gaming chair. For example, the PVC leather cover, standard weight capacity 150 kg, bucket seat design, and winged back seat provide multi-point body contact.

In order to fulfil the most basic ergonomic requirements, the footrest is retractable. The neck pillow is removable, and the lumbar pillow is adjustable. The armrest is stuffed with a cushion on the top. However, unlike the others, it can only recline up to 135°. This is a classical limitation in chairs with this kind of armrest design. Nevertheless, the fact that the armrests “follow” the backrest when leaning back is a big advantage in terms of comfort.

Unquestionably, It is especially suitable for someone with a minimal budget and the most crucial features as a gaming chair.

  • Movable lumbar pillow
  • Lower price
  • Only Tilt up to 135 °

2. Advwin Gaming Chair Racing Style

The Advwin Gaming Chair is in the lower range in price but equipped with necessary functions for gamers or working from home or learning from home. It is structured with a steel frame and the cover is made of PU leather.

Not to forget about the ergonomic aspects, the spine design that optimized the conforms, and can recline up to 135° when you are tired to rest and lie down like a bed. Simultaneously, it increases the comfort when reclined thanks to the soft armrests that move together with the backrest. With a removable headrest and a lumbar pillow, you can find a proper position and enjoy the all-around comfort.

Unlike the other chairs., this one has the lowest weight limit, 120 kg and is slightly smaller. This model doesn’t come with a footrest, however. If you prefer one, there is another similar model that costs somewhat higher than this. It’s suitable for someone looking for a smaller chair (for teenagers) or a starting investment for premature gamers. 

Hint: the seller provides tips for assembly purposes in the product description. It could ease your assembly process.

  • Chair is lighter
  • Linkage Armrest
  • Multiple colour selection
  • High Price
  • Unclear assembly manual

1. NEADER Upgraded Ergonomic

The main selling point of NEADER Upgraded Ergonomic is the backrest size, which is as height as 92 cm. If you are a tall gamer and are concerned about the support for your head, this might be the chair you need. On the other hand, the backrest is attached with a detachable and adjustable head and lumbar cushion, so that you can adjust it to the shape of your body.

The backrest can adjust to a position until 118°. It supports the lowest reclines angle comparing to the others. For some, this might be a limitation, but if you are looking for a chair to play video games instead for sleeping, it’s something you probably won’t mind. Also, the cover is made of Premium PU Faux Fur to make it easy to maintain and clean.

To conclude, if you are only looking for an adequate chair without additional features, like footrest, movable and cushion armrest and reclines angle that up to 180°, this one could be on your bucket list.

  • Very high backrest
  • Easy assembly (comes with manual and assemble tools)
  • No Footrest
  • No adjustable cushion armrest
  • Only tilt up to 118°

Comparison of cheap gaming chairs

If you are still in doubt which gaming chair is the most suitable for you, here is a summary table with the main characteristics of the models analysed:

 ALFORDSON Racing Office ChairAlfordson supreme Gaming ChairMason Taylor Gaming ChairAdvwin Gaming Chair Racing StyleNEADER Upgraded Ergonomic
Max. Load150 kg180 kg150 kg120 kg150 kg
MaterialPU LeatherPU LeatherPU LeatherPU LeatherPU Leather
Armrest's adjustmentPadded armrestPadded armrestPadded armrestPadded armrest2D
Rock MechanismNoNoNoNoYes
Price Afficher Afficher Afficher Afficher Afficher

How to choose a cheap gaming chair that suits you the most?

Robustness and materials

This is where you will find the main differences from the more expensive chairs. In terms of sturdiness, a metal frame is essential. Still, you’ll have to compromise on the materials of the base and even the wheels. In most cases, it is made of nylon (PA) for lower-cost gaming chairs, on the other hand, the metal/steel/chrome for better quality.

In terms of the cover, it is advisable (but not essential) to choose a chair with a quality synthetic leather (imitation leather) that is easier to clean and more sustainable.


Do you suffer from back pain due to the long period of gaming time? Undeniable, a well-considered design chair taking comfort into account, is usually equipped with higher flexibility in adjustment. Fortunately, ergonomics are not incompatible with a low price: limited backrest inclination (without rock movement), adjustable armrest with cushion (not as flexible as good quality chair), retractable footrest, lumbar and neck cushion.

This chair, is it suitable for your size?

If you have a particular concern about the size, you may need to pay attention to the seat’s dimensions, such as the backrest’s height for tall people. Some entry-level chairs tend to use relatively small backrests. This is not necessarily a problem, but if you want to ensure optimal comfort for the neck, you will have to be careful with the size. You can refer to the dimension of the gaming chairs provided below as reference.

What is your style?

You might be someone who would like to choose a gaming chair which matches with the other gaming equipment. Or you might be a streamer who plays the game live to shows your ‘professionalism’ by the fancy gaming chair other than your gaming skills. Then the design is the last thing you can certainly take into account. Other than the main features in terms of comfort, strength, and durability, there are multiple selections of colour for specific gaming chairs.

Don’t miss out on the 5 Cheap Gaming Chairs of 2021 (under $170)!

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