The 5 Best Gaming Chairs in 2021: Follow the best guide and information!

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Are you a first-level gamer who spends long hours sitting in front of a computer? Besides excitement from the games, are you also looking for something that could give you the most comfortable work from home or online student learning? Are you then looking for the best gaming chair to keep you in good posture and achieve the best performance?

But which gaming chair to choose? Buying the gaming chair could be overwhelmed by the vast varieties of choices and the fact that you couldn’t see the actual product. In this case, most buyers could only find practical information and honest feedback from other users. For example, how do you know if, which chair is equipped with the ergonomic function you are looking for?

That’s the reason I have tried to accumulate and summarized the information and feedbacks and compared their advantages and disadvantages. You could then choose the gaming chair with the best value proposition according to your need.

How to choose a good gaming chair

If you are looking for your first best gaming chair, how do you know if it will fit you well or which criteria you should consider? With this, you might not want to miss the following guide or advice:


When you are sitting in front of your computer playing games for an extended period, you are fundamental to optimal comfort. The chair should be highly adjustable to avoid fatigue and back pain: the seat’s height, the position of the armrests, the inclination of the backrest, etc. Therefore, it is equipped to give an optimal position that adapts to your morphology when you are sitting in front of your gaming desk. Likewise, adaptable cushions are a plus point for the comfort of the neck and lower back.

Rock mechanism could give you more flexibility in moving your body without adjusting the structure of the seat.


The best gaming chair is possessed with two crucial points: the structure itself and the cover. Since you are investing in a decent chair, the metal frame is a pretty essential requirement to ask for. The most commonly used material is steel, but an excellent high-end chair could be built with aluminium alloys when lightweight is the selling point.

On the other hand, there are two most used materials in covering: imitation leather (synthetic leather) or fabric. The application of imitation leather is more durable and easier to clean. However, it may cause perspiration problems if the quality of the leather is not good. Fabric chairs are generally more breathable and more suitable for someone living in a warm place.

Size and dimensions

If you are exceptionally tall(or short), you probably know that it’s not easy to find a chair that could fit you perfectly. Some models might have several sizes to increase the adaptation of different needs. When you plan to buy the gaming online without testing it personally, the chair’s dimension will be given as following and could probably be used as a reference.


The design definitely depends on your personal taste. How a chair looks like doesn’t affect the comfort it could provide to you. There are some chairs with a cool design, with a bright colour or multiple colour selections for the same model. Nevertheless, the first 3 points are recommended as a prime consideration when selecting the best gaming chair.

The TOP 5 of the best gaming chairs

5. ThunderX3 TGC22 Series 

ThunderX3 TGC22 Series

This gaming chair, ThunderX3 TGC22 stands up with its noticeable headrest area with a neck pillow and a V-shaped pattern. It is inspired by the travel neck pillow, which can support the contours of your head.

You can rest your arm on a 2D adjustable armrest, up/down, forward/ back and pivot in terms of ergonomic perspective. Furthermore, you can also take a power nap on the backrest that can recline up to 180°—a way of recharging the energy level without getting away from the chair. The rocking mechanism that enables you to rock back and forth is a method in promoting the blood flow.

This gaming chair is simple and easy to assembly by yourself and design for gamers looking for a gaming chair with a wider backrest and essential ergonomic function. However, the price is slightly higher than the others.

  • Easy assembly
  • Recline up to 180 °
  • 2D armrests
  • Rocking mechanism
  • Wider backrest
  • High Price

4. ThunderX3 Bc3 Blue

ThunderX3 Bc3 Blue

The unique selling point of ThunderX3 Bc3 is the AIR Tech, which is designed with a breathable pinhole surface. It optimized the breathability of the cover and keeping you cool and comfortable.

It is also well-designed with a high-density moulding foam that could adapt to different body contours and prove full-body support. The adjustable lumbar and neck cushions and 180° of backrest inclination optimized the ergonomic consideration, which is the most important for gaming lovers. Compared to others, the armrest can adapt to the position you want with the 2D adjustment without compromising the rest area’s size. 

The only downside for this chair is that the armrest’s height could be higher to give a perfect position. Nevertheless, it really depends on the size of the gaming desk and your height. This model is highly recommended for the gamer who sweat after long gaming sessions or under warmer temperatures and also looking for an armrest with bigger size and moderate flexibility.

  • Recline up to 180 °
  • Rocking mechanism
  • 2D armrests
  • Limitation of the height of armrest

3. Furgle Gaming Chair

Furgle Gaming Chair

This Furgle gaming chair equipped with 3D adjustable rotating handrail, they rise and rotate so that you could find a comfortable position. Besides, the thick padding on it optimized the satisfaction. To fulfill the ergonomic consideration to the maximum, the movable headrest and lumbar pillow could relieve fatigue and adjust based on the requirement of our height. The seat cushion and backrest are also much softer than the original chair.

You can literally lie flat to 180° to take a rest or quick nap. Without adjusting the backrest, you could move your body by rocking the chair if you unlock it. Also, the cover made from carbon fiber texture is a stain-resistant and fade-resistant PU leader. To reach it’s optimum sustainability, it is essential to always keep it dry.

The chair is easy to assemble, which comes with an installation manual and tools. The complaint which received from certain gamers are the pre-installed screw are difficult to unscrew. Hence, is it advisable to use some lubrication oil. And the support pillows do tend to slide and there isn’t a built-in way to tighten them.

Basically, this gaming chair is suitable for gamers looking for a decent chair to fulfil all the basic needs and lower budgets.

  • Easy assembly
  • Recline up to 180°
  • 3D armrests
  • Rocking mechanism
  • Multiple colour selections
  • The position of support pillows can not be fixed.
  • Pre-installed srew are too tight

2. ALFORDSON Gaming Chair

ALFORDSON Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a gaming chair that could sustain a load up to 180 kg, this is the one. Due to the heavy-duty of all-metal frame racer, the chair can afford a higher weight range than other gaming chairs. 

In terms of ergonomic consideration, the backrest is taller than the other models. It has an S-Curve design, which gives your body the best fit and can recline up to 150°. It is also equipped with a retractable padded footrest and adjustable head and lumbar cushions that can optimize gamers’ comfort.

Without the flexibility of adapting the armrest position based on personal needs, it is the chair’s weakness. But they overcome their disadvantage with wide and supportive padding on top.

This gaming chair is suitable for gamers looking for a heavy-duty chair with a taller backrest and interested in experiencing the retractable padded footrest.

  • Multiple colour selections
  • Retractable padded footrest
  • Can sustain higher weight (180 kg)
  • Armrest is not flexible

1. Artiss Gaming Office Chair

The cover of Artiss Gaming chair is made from premium PU leather, which is relatively easier to clean and maintain. The chair can be adjusted freely for height, rotate 360° without moving the chair itself and the backrest can recline up to 180°. It certainly fulfils gamer needs who wish to take a short rest after a long gaming session.

The armrest may serve only as a support due to the rotatable and height-adjustable features, compromising our arm’s rest area. Furthermore, the chair is made with proper posture support and detachable head and lumbar cushions for extra support. In comparison to others, this gaming chair has lighter weight. At the same time, it can afford only up to 130 kg.

This chair is recommended for gamers and working from home; that heavy-duty chair is not required. This price is in the moderate range (under $200) and the quality and features fit the necessary requirement for a long sitting time chair.

  • Recline up to 180 °
  • 2D armrests
  • The weight capacity is lower than average 130 kg

Comparison of the best gaming chair

To ease your selection process, do not miss out on the summary table with the main characteristics that could give you the most convenience.

Max. Load150 kg150 kg140 kg180 kg130 kg
MaterialPU LeatherLeatherette with carbon patternPU LeatherPU LeatherPU Leather
Armrest's adjustment2D2D3DPadded armrest2D
Rock MechanismYesYesYesNoNo
Price Afficher Afficher Afficher Afficher Afficher

Too expensive?

The recommendations given above are gaming chairs with the best value for money in our perspective. All the products have a price in the range of $170 to $350. If this price range is out of your budget, make sure you refer to another article with the same principles in the selection, the only difference is the price range. 👉🏻 Affordable gaming chairs.

Where to buy your gaming chair?

Ideally, buying a gaming chair is undoubtedly in a store to try it on the sport to check if it suits the desired requirements. Nonetheless, online shopping such as Amazon is widespread for this type of product as well. One of the main reasons is the return policy to return it in a specific time frame. 

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The 5 Best Gaming Chairs in 2021: Follow the best guide and information!
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